Hi, i'm Brianna. i spend WAAAY too much time on the internet. i'm a total insomniac. my mouth moves faster then my brain, try not to be offended. i love movies, especially old movies, and music, usually rock but as long as it's loud i'm not too likely to complain. i would go to shows everyday if i could. i'm a HUGE fan of hyperbole. i'm fascinated by serial killers (but not in a weird creepy way, I swear). my friends are the coolest people you'll never meet. i want to do everything. i don't want to look back and say my life was boring. i'm abrasive, sarcastic, tempermental, loud, random, and a bunch of other things but mostly i'm fun. "i'm every cliche, but i simply do it best."




Death Bed Subtext w/ Topher Grace & Kate Bosworth from Topher Grace, Kate Bosworth, Brett Gelman, and FOD Team

“You want to spread those butt cheeks apart and take her to town…. DICK STYLE.”

“Cum beard”

“Santa Cum”

“You want to duck into a dirty hospital closet and gobble down that dong like it’s a cancer-curing snickers bar!”

This is filled with quotes - so fucking good.

 riiiiiiiiiiight so then this happened…

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    I laughed…HARD!
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    riiiiiiiiiiight so then this happened…
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    I love Topher Grace. Omg. Yay. Made my day xD
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    Death Bed Subtext w/ Topher Grace & Kate Bosworth When you are on your death bed, it’s important to have the ones you...
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