Hi, i'm Brianna. i spend WAAAY too much time on the internet. i'm a total insomniac. my mouth moves faster then my brain, try not to be offended. i love movies, especially old movies, and music, usually rock but as long as it's loud i'm not too likely to complain. i would go to shows everyday if i could. i'm a HUGE fan of hyperbole. i'm fascinated by serial killers (but not in a weird creepy way, I swear). my friends are the coolest people you'll never meet. i want to do everything. i don't want to look back and say my life was boring. i'm abrasive, sarcastic, tempermental, loud, random, and a bunch of other things but mostly i'm fun. "i'm every cliche, but i simply do it best."



In honor of the two conflicting holidays


In honor of the two conflicting holidays


Glow In The Dark Mermaid Ear Cuff

Resembling a beautiful mermaid, this ear cuff is crafted out of zinc alloy. Requires a pierced ear lobe to be worn properly. Glows bright blue when worn in the dark. Sold on Etsy.

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Dita Von Teese

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Wearing a sundress all summer so I can be ready to lift it up and sit on your face at any given point.

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but i’ll be there for you
as the world falls down

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